Here’s a portion of my work. I do quite a bit that do not involve creating an entire website, some of which I can't post because of contract agreements. If you think I might able to help you and don’t see what you are looking for here, do not hesitate to contact me.

Most of these projects you see here were rendered with my company, Feedback on any of these is always appreciated.

web sites

  • visit my csszengarden submission
    • Budda
    • My submission.

Since this is my third portfolio site I thought I'd include version 1 (the second site I built) and version 2. Some of the links might not function anymore but it doesn't matter it's just for fun.

  • visit version 1
    • Version 1
    • My second if not my first website.
      Possible broken links.
  • visit version 2
    • Version 2
    • This site was completed approximately 1 year after I finished my studies. It's not the greatest but for a site that took about 16 hours to complete, it's not bad, but it was time to drop it.
      Possible broken links.