about Dan

Daniel Leroux - designer - developer

Daniel Leroux is an Ottawa native, who eight years ago, inspired by mountains and ocean, made his way to the most beautiful city in the world, Vancouver, BC. Upon his arrival he first completed the “Small Business Development Program” of Langara College, in the hopes of one day opening his own café. A wonderful dream but after slaving away for four years as manager of one of Vancouver's busiest coffee house, Daniel realized it was time to go back to school. A bit of research led him to Bodwell Internet School, where he soon found his next passion.

Daniel is now co-founder of nWebit.com, a small, growing web development firm, where he plays a key role in the design and the development of the companies projects. Focusing primarily, but not limited to, designing with standards, ColdFusion, Flash/Action Script and JavaScript, Daniel is continually learning, improving his skills and helping others understand what the web can be.